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Pharma / Biotechnology

The manufacture of products in the pharmaceutical industry is a very sensitive area that places the highest demands on suppliers in the areas of knowledge, materials and quality management.

Of particular importance is the transparency of products that are produced and delivered with certificates, credentials and lot numbers, sterilised or unsterilised, according to international guidelines.

ZIND Verfahrenstechnik GmbH & Co. KG stands up to these challenges and, as a competent partner that operates multi-nationally, offers a portfolio that meets the demands of the pharmaceutical industry, as can be seen in the outline of product categories below:

Dead End Filtration

  • Sterilisation of liquids and gasses
  • Pre-filtration and sterile filtration of LVP and SVP
  • Sterile filtration of serums (mycoplasma filtration)
  • Depyrogenisation
  • Ventilation of tanks, fermentors


  • Standard or customized enclosure according to
    pharmaceutical requirements in stainless steel, such
    as 1.4571, 1.4404, 1.4435 or in custom models such
    as Hastelloy and PVDF.
  • Mobile or stationary systems for filtration facilities
  • Manual and controllable pharmaceutical valves
  • Shell and tube heat exchangers

Test Devices

  • Integrity test device for liquids and gasses (WIT)


  • Disinfection of facilities, pipes and storage tanks
  • Integrity test of filters with documentation

Sterile filters and housings



Pharmaceutical housing

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